The beginning of the Silver Springs journey is a special one to all of us involved. Becky Kimble, (our Stevie) played music with her late Father, Don Kimble, for many years. Don was a very talented musician in his own right, having had various recordings over the years. His talent was passed down to his daughter through many hours of practice and shows. His favorite song that Becky performed was Landslide. She performed that song many times at shows and his face would light up every time! Becky performed that song so well that she received many requests to do more Stevie Nicks songs. Gypsy soon followed, as well as many others.


Her Dad was always her #1 fan. That is what inspired her to pursue the Fleetwood Mac tribute band idea. And so began the journey of Silver Springs. Dons' passing in October of 2020 was a blow to all of us but his memory and his desire to see this band and his daughter, succeed lives on in all of us!

Just like any new band, the journey was not without its growing pains. We had our fair share of shuffling musicians until the true Silver Springs package was achieved. The lockdowns of 2020 postponed the band from live performances. But this time was not wasted. Whether it was in the basement of one of the band members or in the newly built Don Kimble Studio, they spent hours, days and months refining their music and their show so that when the venues opened again, they would be ready. And ready they were! The audiences were never disappointed and the fans began to grow. So, when you come to see one of our shows, remember that it is not just a tribute to the great Fleetwood Mac band; we are also paying tribute to our inspiration, our love of music, and our desire to perform at our best and give our audience a show that they will remember!